Saturday, March 31, 2007

"Instant" Noodles!

Nah, I haven't ate those Indo Mee, Nissin/Maggi/Korean brand instant noodles for years. Not that good for you, and encourages baldness. I think I've pulled enough of my hair out doing my dissertation :P

So what I meant by instant is the speed I manage to whip these up, at most 5-10 minutes longer than your average 3 min (unhealthy) instant noodles?

This is a Japanese inspired dish, which I'm sure I've made before. It's called Oyako Don, Oyako means Parent and Child, representing chicken and egg, whilst Don is a short for Donburi, the rice dish basically. And yes, it's originally RICE, but since I was too lazy to wait/cook rice, I made a variant of this dish using noodles I brought from home, fresh handmade mee suah.

This dish is quite easy, all you need for 1 portion is: 1 onion, 1 egg, diced chicken pieces (I used chicken breast here, but thighs are probably more flavorful), 1 Tbsp light soy sauce, 1 Tbsp mirin (Japanese sweet cooking wine, can be substituted by white wine+a dash of sugar, or any sweet cooking wine), minced garlic (I love garlic! Though this is optional)

So whilst cooking my noodles in another saucepan, have another on as well, with little bit of heated oil, stir fry the minced garlic and onions till brown. Then add the chicken pieces and stir fry for a bit. Add some water till it covers the meat (probably 1/2-1 cup of water?) and let it simmer for 2 minutes. Meanwhile, check if the noodles are cooked, and rinse in cold water and set aside. Then back to the chicken, add the soy sauce and mirin, switch off the stove, and then crack your egg in the mixture. Do NOT stir your egg instantly. Leave it for 30-40 seconds (or even 1 minute, depending on preference) before swirling the egg around, simply because I like to see my egg visibly when I eat and not in tiny minuscule pieces in the soup. Finally, mix the noodles in and serve. :) Think rice is still much nicer, with the deep bowl and stick gravy mixture on top of it, hehe

Meanwhile, this is what I had for dinner today. A random concoction I must say. Just had some chinese mushroom, leftover lettuce, chinese sausage and noodles. A tad too salty as I forgot to adjust for the fact that the sausages were salty! But good all the same :)


Anonymous said...

i dont want go japan already la..
i go uk and you cook for me hahaha


Grace said...

Sure a not, I still want to go Japan though! LOL