Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Indian Rissotto

I am surprised if this is not invented already. But it's actually NOT exactly risotto. What I did was cook my normal curry, this time it's prawn tikka masala and boil the basmati rice. The difference is that instead of serving them separately, I pre-mixed them together in the pan for ease of P who does that anyway messily in his plate. A surprising positive result as the dish looked more appetizing than served separately actually, provided you eat it right away of course before it turns cold and mushy!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Burger With A Difference

With all the posh burger chains mushrooming in the city (e.g.Gourmet Burger Kitchen and Hamburger Union) , the once humble and simple burger has somehow achieved some sort of status upgrade from their fast food days, to 'posh' gourmet food. Some interesting food development, it's as if taking fried rice and making them upmarket just by sprinkling it with abalone and truffles (eeks)

Hence I proceed to experiment with this concept after spotting some venison burger at Tesco. Mind you, I'd love to make by burger patties from scratch, but unless I plan it early and appear at the butchers with my odd request of venison mince, that'll have to do. Besides, it looks like some hefty quarter pounders, and venison is my favourite meat :)

Simple and good dinner with a bit of fun flipping the burgers in the air, though I still have yet to have the guts to risk my dinner, all I offered was to take a photograph of it in action :P Ingredient was pretty simple, just matching the burger with burger buns, loads of onions (fried caramelized onions are THE BEST!), mushrooms and some BBQ relish and we are set to go for some flippin' exercise here ...

So this was my version of a posh makeover of a burger dinner, with a bit of wine and jazz :P

PS: Tesco Venison burgers are pretty amazing I must say