Sunday, April 30, 2006

Craving for Kon Loh Mein (Dry tossed egg noodles)

Yes, it's one of my favorite breakfast food back home, and I'm really tired of bread/cereal etc, hence...

My original plan to make some comfort food, i.e. Bah Kut Teh, went down the drain as my cravings hit, and irrationality sets in. With the pork ribs originally intended for BKT, I improvised and made char siew pork ribs instead!

It's my first attempt, and I'm quite happy with how it turned out!

Although the strange thing is that the bottom bits seemed to get charred (i.e. chao tarh) more than the parts at the back, still haven't figured out why yet. Taste wise, it probably needs a stronger marinade, but I still like it as its not too sweet/salty. Oh, and the best part was I forgot I had to chop the pork ribs, and it was hilarious as I was banging around the kitchen with my mini butcher knife in vain, till my housemate came and chop it all macho-ly. HAHA well rewarded with pork ribs! Didn't I tell you all I always 'terrorize' my house mates with Asian/foreign food they haven't tried before? So far they had kaya jam, yee sang, Chinese style fried rice (they love lap cheong's) and rice porridge. LOL

Here's my not so nice looking version of Kon Loh Mein, with a lot of substitutes as you can see, LOL. I didn't even mix the sauce properly with the noodles before I devoured it happily. Oh well, better presentation next time okay? :)

Friday, April 28, 2006

What can you do in Cambridge?

Hui Li came for a day trip visit with her bro during the holidays, early April. Finally got hold of the pics from her, it was a really fun day, its like the 'sesat' (lost) tour guide who has a bad sense of direction leading another blur sotong around. LOL

These are the pics, I'll let them do the talking...
They were the unconventional tourists, who preferred not to punt but walk about :)

I had to tell her about the 'orgasmic bridge' ....

Posing at St John's ... ( I seriously don't know what we were looking at ...)

And the moment she saw my BMX style bike, she just had to do this ...

And knowing me, we just had to do this behind King's (after 2 tries, looking spastic, we finally got it!). Look at Hui Li's expression, it's priceless :D

And we tried to stomp at Selwyn's college lawn ...

That's all for now, hope you all enjoyed the post, keep me updated on what's been happening to you guys! I know I dissapeared off MSN for a while LOL

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Quote for the day.....

"Statistics is so dry, that it sucks all the moisture out of your brain"

No offense to mathmos out there LOL

Friday, April 21, 2006

Shopping Theraphy

A London trip is well worth it. I discovered that I really enjoy bus rides too, haha, on the way there, passing the suburbs and seeing acres of green lands, feels like college days a bit, hehe. Main purpose was for a haircut though (forgive me for sounding like a bimbo :P), and yay my head feels lighter and I like the new hairdo. Extra time left was for shopping/window shopping :D
Oh I found my dream car in the middle of the street too! Caught a picture of it, but felt a bit ulu-fied whilst doing so especially when there were so many Londoners walking around.

Cute eh, feels antique and oh-so-laoya, but nice :) Just like the old Mini and Volkswagen Beetle. This was taken near Covent Garden, note the Muji shop in the background LOL

Probably cars with the highest death rates when they get into accidents, so I heard :( Ah well, I promise I won't drive fast in those turtle cars anyways, if I ever get one!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Fast Education

Seems like length of education has been shortened once again. Imagine entering uni at 16 and then graduating at 18...
Where's the student life dissapearing to? Maybe this is one of the government's way to alleviate the pension's problem. One of the reasons for this was to ensure that students graduate with less debt. The tradeoff of this proposed plan was shorter summer holidays ( NOOoooooOOo ), and they are adopting a more American system for flexibility. The flexibility part may not be a bad thing.
Sometime's it's quite sad to see that young people have to grow up really fast in this generation. Gone were the days where the pressure in this increasingly meritocratic society were much less. Side effects of development I suppose, can't be helped.
On a more optimistic mode, it's getting warmer and sun's shining today! Yippee's, but yea, term's starting soon as well

Monday, April 17, 2006

Hot Dogs!

Pipping hot from the States!
Remembered watching an episode on HotDogs on Discovery Travel and Adventure last summer, America's Favourite Hot Dogs or something like that. I wonder how they actually eat it without making a mess...
And this is Chilli + Cheese fries, if im not mistaken

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Lazy days

is the word for the day, haha
Went to punt/tennis for the whole afternoon since the weather was amazing :)
And then Sains to shop (when I was hungry, and you can guess what happened ... )
Having my favourite thing for dinner, I'm a HAPPY BUNNY :D
I am really enjoying the no lecture/supervision holidays these days, can't imagine when term starts soon again, but yet the signs are coming, with both my housemates already back 2 weeks before Easter term.... crunch time is comin'

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Marshmellow madness

It's been a while since I updated ...
But holidays are so far so good, weather's gettin' warmer with bright sun shine most days, with the exception of some PMS weather days where it rains and shines at the same time :)

Out of sheer randomness, I decided to re-live my college days boh-liao-ness and hosted a toasties +hot choc + marshmellows party, hehe, got the inspiration from Costa...

Here's Alvin caught in action, toasting marshmellows... YES, by my room heater! LOL The porter's are so gonna kill me when they find out! Anyways it was good to catch up with the rest whom I haven't seen for a bit :D

I went Paintballing for the first time last week too! It was fun but really tiring, and all I got was bruises everywhere, haha. Didn't want to get a picture of that, just in case it's too gross to view. Probably more enthusiastic about my army outfit than anything, though I'm definitely too impatient a soldier to be in the army. Someone who just rushes out and 'chiong' shooting people is definitely gonna get a few head shots first, LOL, start sniping and camp next time...

And here's what I did in a recent cookout party: Stirfry fish fillets with ginger and spring onion

Had too much gravy in that as I added too much water... haha, would be better with less :)

But other dishes were really good too!

Oyster Omellete (Ou Jian)

Brocolli with King prawns

Chicken stewed with ginger and wineDeep fried Calimari

Roast Lamb with herbs

Post with few words but lots of pics, hehe, let them do the talking... Ahh I want to go home, wish there is no such thing as Tripos :P