Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Marshmellow madness

It's been a while since I updated ...
But holidays are so far so good, weather's gettin' warmer with bright sun shine most days, with the exception of some PMS weather days where it rains and shines at the same time :)

Out of sheer randomness, I decided to re-live my college days boh-liao-ness and hosted a toasties +hot choc + marshmellows party, hehe, got the inspiration from Costa...

Here's Alvin caught in action, toasting marshmellows... YES, by my room heater! LOL The porter's are so gonna kill me when they find out! Anyways it was good to catch up with the rest whom I haven't seen for a bit :D

I went Paintballing for the first time last week too! It was fun but really tiring, and all I got was bruises everywhere, haha. Didn't want to get a picture of that, just in case it's too gross to view. Probably more enthusiastic about my army outfit than anything, though I'm definitely too impatient a soldier to be in the army. Someone who just rushes out and 'chiong' shooting people is definitely gonna get a few head shots first, LOL, start sniping and camp next time...

And here's what I did in a recent cookout party: Stirfry fish fillets with ginger and spring onion

Had too much gravy in that as I added too much water... haha, would be better with less :)

But other dishes were really good too!

Oyster Omellete (Ou Jian)

Brocolli with King prawns

Chicken stewed with ginger and wineDeep fried Calimari

Roast Lamb with herbs

Post with few words but lots of pics, hehe, let them do the talking... Ahh I want to go home, wish there is no such thing as Tripos :P

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