Sunday, April 30, 2006

Craving for Kon Loh Mein (Dry tossed egg noodles)

Yes, it's one of my favorite breakfast food back home, and I'm really tired of bread/cereal etc, hence...

My original plan to make some comfort food, i.e. Bah Kut Teh, went down the drain as my cravings hit, and irrationality sets in. With the pork ribs originally intended for BKT, I improvised and made char siew pork ribs instead!

It's my first attempt, and I'm quite happy with how it turned out!

Although the strange thing is that the bottom bits seemed to get charred (i.e. chao tarh) more than the parts at the back, still haven't figured out why yet. Taste wise, it probably needs a stronger marinade, but I still like it as its not too sweet/salty. Oh, and the best part was I forgot I had to chop the pork ribs, and it was hilarious as I was banging around the kitchen with my mini butcher knife in vain, till my housemate came and chop it all macho-ly. HAHA well rewarded with pork ribs! Didn't I tell you all I always 'terrorize' my house mates with Asian/foreign food they haven't tried before? So far they had kaya jam, yee sang, Chinese style fried rice (they love lap cheong's) and rice porridge. LOL

Here's my not so nice looking version of Kon Loh Mein, with a lot of substitutes as you can see, LOL. I didn't even mix the sauce properly with the noodles before I devoured it happily. Oh well, better presentation next time okay? :)

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haur said...

hahaha im pretty sure kon lou mein tastes better when u crave for it!!!hhahahahahaha