Friday, April 21, 2006

Shopping Theraphy

A London trip is well worth it. I discovered that I really enjoy bus rides too, haha, on the way there, passing the suburbs and seeing acres of green lands, feels like college days a bit, hehe. Main purpose was for a haircut though (forgive me for sounding like a bimbo :P), and yay my head feels lighter and I like the new hairdo. Extra time left was for shopping/window shopping :D
Oh I found my dream car in the middle of the street too! Caught a picture of it, but felt a bit ulu-fied whilst doing so especially when there were so many Londoners walking around.

Cute eh, feels antique and oh-so-laoya, but nice :) Just like the old Mini and Volkswagen Beetle. This was taken near Covent Garden, note the Muji shop in the background LOL

Probably cars with the highest death rates when they get into accidents, so I heard :( Ah well, I promise I won't drive fast in those turtle cars anyways, if I ever get one!

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haur said...

i wan mini coopz!!!