Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Fast Education

Seems like length of education has been shortened once again. Imagine entering uni at 16 and then graduating at 18...
Where's the student life dissapearing to? Maybe this is one of the government's way to alleviate the pension's problem. One of the reasons for this was to ensure that students graduate with less debt. The tradeoff of this proposed plan was shorter summer holidays ( NOOoooooOOo ), and they are adopting a more American system for flexibility. The flexibility part may not be a bad thing.
Sometime's it's quite sad to see that young people have to grow up really fast in this generation. Gone were the days where the pressure in this increasingly meritocratic society were much less. Side effects of development I suppose, can't be helped.
On a more optimistic mode, it's getting warmer and sun's shining today! Yippee's, but yea, term's starting soon as well


Atheus said...

Summer hols are too long anyways :P\

6 yrs 1my
7 yrs 2ndy
3 yrs 3ry
...Masters..Phd (+ n years)..

16+ yrs of education is WAY too long I reckon

Or mebbe we can have a system where we sandwhich 5 years of hardcore child labour!

Or would it become like France?

Grace said...

Athens, is that you? LOL
Long summer hols are gooodd