Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Indian Rissotto

I am surprised if this is not invented already. But it's actually NOT exactly risotto. What I did was cook my normal curry, this time it's prawn tikka masala and boil the basmati rice. The difference is that instead of serving them separately, I pre-mixed them together in the pan for ease of P who does that anyway messily in his plate. A surprising positive result as the dish looked more appetizing than served separately actually, provided you eat it right away of course before it turns cold and mushy!


Anonymous said...

looks more like paella from the picture!!!!!!!ahahahah

i think even if i dont put my name you would figure out who am i hahahah

Anonymous said...

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Hitashi said...

Looks Yummy! This is the way they serve food in India to kids - Curry and rice mixed up.
I liked your Greece visit posts too. ;)