Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Porto Part II

Back to Porto :) This is the view from the bridge of the magnificent river during the evening, separating the main town and Vila Nova de Gaia, where all the port factories are located.

We walked to Ribiera, the street right next to the river, with lots of nice restaurants and shops with touristy stuff. This is another view of it below, with a few biker dudes enjoying the scenery at night.

Dinner, is of course selected from amongst the range of restaurants available there, and ack, I seem to have forgot the name of it at the moment. But it's ok, the food is most important yea? So here we go, I had their traditional dish, Caldo Verde, for starters. It is a simple kale (a type of vege) and potato soup, mild and comforting.

Next, we came for what Porto is famous for: seafood!!! One good way to savor it's freshness is having them deep fried :P Ironically things are always cooked this way whenever the food is less fresh. We ordered Vinho Verde too, which is their local green wine, white this time. There are red ones too, but seems like white is more common. It's slightly sparkly, but refreshing, goes perfectly with the seafood. NICEeee (Quite rare as the only alcoholic drinks I like tastes like fruit juice hehe, e.g. SANGRIA!)

We had deep fried octopus, and a huge pot of rice with kidney beans, which is the common Portuguese way of having rice, they like them soupy. It's the ultimate comfort food, LOL.

We discovered Vacky too, and he has been brutally attacked :'(

This is Vacky, the cute cow. Moments before he perished ...

Hahahaha, can you guess what it is?
It's ice cream within him!
We just had to order it when we saw this on the menu for dessert ...
The Portuguese description did not help either, and the waiter was thoroughly amused (so are we) :P

And of course, their house specialty: caramel cake. It's surprisingly not THAT sweet (not like Caramel Frappucino from Starbucks) with different sponge layer texture. Good stuff :)

The best part is how amazing their restaurant prices can be. Having all that facing the river of Porto, 3 course + wine, turns up to be about 10 euros+ per person only! Nice


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Grace said...

yup! I so have to study the language again to not forget :)