Saturday, April 21, 2007

100th post! :D

Wow, little did I realized that I'd reach that number so quickly... Hope you all have been enjoying the posts as much as I had posting! :)

So this means that this post has to be of something special, and here it is!
This was my dinner during Easter itself, simple stuff, but might stir up some curiosity ...

Nests of squid ink pasta lightly stirfried with olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic and seafood mixture of mussels, prawn and squid. This precious pasta of mine was bought from Rome, costs about 4 Euros for 500g. Totally love it :) I wanted to buy some squid ink to add in for more 'omph', but sadly even the Market Square butcher in Cambridge doesn't carry it.

We had this Austrian bread for dessert, it's basically a huge cinnamon bread with raisins and chopped hazelnuts, not too sweet and just right, baked till crisp perfection.

*Sigh* meanwhile, pressure is rising as term starts, with already 4 supervisions lined up :S I don't like this 'disturbances' to my freedom in scheduling my days... Ironically, the CMS library had a power cut suddenly last night, and we were locked in the library as the security system to swipe yourself in and out the library had power failure too! So it was really amusing trying to find a way out. Was 'rescued' by a bunch of security guards later, haha, through the emergency doors..... Probably signs that I am not been concentrating that should camp more in libraries, LOL

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