Wednesday, March 07, 2007

All things Italian

Phew we're nearly there, and taking it easy (slightly)

The weather is getting much more cheerful with the suns up, though the strong wind follows too. Nevertheless, pleasant all the same as long as the sun is up :) If only we can ignore now till summer starts :P

Haven't been cooking anything exciting lately, as the mad rush comes towards the end of term, but this is something I had roughly 2 weeks ago, inspired by the farfalle we got from Rome, which (probably is hard to see), comes in the colors of the Italian flag. A funny idea came up to coat them with the exact colored sauce as shown below: pesto, seafood cream sauce and a simple tomato paste/ragu. One might wonder what happens when you mix the 3 different sauces together, which is commonly a separate pasta sauce on its own. Rest assured the combined version is really yummy as well, just remember not to overpower the pesto as it might be too pungent!

This reminds me of all thing Italian, and spotting a Vespa (it's pale green!) outside a restaurant in Cambridge got me all excited again, I don't mind a Vespa even if I don't (cannot afford/not feasible) get my Fiat 500 in the future! It'll be so cool to have one sometime, probably not in Malaysia though as it's too unpleasantly hot and humid. Anyways, it looked something like this:

This is also the latest GranTurismo (GT) model.

Eco friendly, vintage style and sporty.

The perfect urban scooter.

I like ;)


Anonymous said...

ahh the good ol vespa..
you should have a look at the modded vespas in malaysia..
they have their own vespa club..
sometimes they parade and showcase their vespas at tc..
which reminds me of the mini club hahaha..


Grace said...

I was aware of the beetle and mini club, didn't know they had a vespa one! Anyways hows trip planning going?