Friday, February 09, 2007

Rome-ing around (II)

Italian's are pretty hardcore when it comes to caffeine, and take their espresso's seriously. This potent cup of espresso from the famous Sant Eustachio cafe (since 1938, quite a history there) kept me from sleeping for more than 24 hours!

That aside, we did what all Roman do in Rome, by having a good ol' traditional Roman meal after lining up for a bit for this place in Trastevere. A very basic and simple pasta dish first...

accompanied by 2 versions of Roman chicken dishes

Desserts was pine nut slices

but we much preferred the tiramisu! Clowns in Cambridge does a good one as well :)

On our final day in Rome, we were walking the streets and I still had yet to eat my squid ink pasta. Hence popping by a grocery shop to buy some of their colorful dried pasta, and asked a lady for direction to this quaint little cafe with decent food... and got my dose of Spaghetti al Nero di Seppia :D
That was just simply spaghetti in squid ink with a few slices of fried garlic and nothing else. A little bit too much olive oil for my liking, but nevertheless its AWESOME. This is the gnocchi dish by the same cafe as well, perhaps a bit too heavy for me as its really filling. The type of lunch that makes you sleep instantly in the late afternoon haha

And finally in Rome, on the mini buses, I saw this logo and didn't understood it till MUCH MUCH later .... -_-


Anonymous said...

hahahh that logo rocks....guys would understand what it means..i want squid ink pasta!!!


Grace said...

yea i understood finally after SOME explanation -_-||

Anonymous said...

the A give out alot actually ahahaha

Greg said...

Caffeine lasts in your system for only about an hour or two. What else were you putting in your veins for the other 22 hours?!