Tuesday, February 13, 2007

How appetizing ....

I do know that Selwyn's college food is not bad, and above average compared to many other colleges, but there's always an exception yea?

I was just browsing at the weekly menu to see if there's anything inspiring going on (yesh, don't laugh, it's crucial to avoid "sambal" burger and Malaysian chicken curry attempts), and I came across this for dinner this Friday

Soup Of The Day
A Red Chilli Nightmare & Dirty Rice
B Glazed Chicken Supreme
V Broccoli & Tofu Fried Rice
Chips/New Potatoes
Onion Rings x 4


It definitely sounded nightmarish at the thought of eating unhygienic rice LOL
If I'm not mistaken dirty rice is something from Carribean cuisine, like Jamaican? I don't know, have yet to wikipedia it, any ideas?

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