Monday, February 26, 2007

Craving for WTH

Just to clarify, it's Wah Tan Hor (Yin yong?) that I meant :)
It's one of my all time favorite orders at hawker stalls ('tai chow') which does various sorts of fried noodles. Man, now that reminds me of another dish that I miss.

Must be the CNY season, when you are stuck in the room as a permanent essay lab rat, churning essays to feed the greedy supervisors, when you think you deserve all the holiday in the world...

So yes, I manage to get fresh rice noodles (kuey teow) from Chinatown in a recent trip to London and make something up that tastes similar :)

This is a picture of the C&R version of it that I took some time ago, looks very inviting:

This is my version, slightly dry as the kuey teow seems to be absorbing the gravy despite having loads to begin with! Had it with fishballs, pak choy, squids, mussells and some prawns too! Too bad there's not much eggy sauce left , but still made me happy all the same, cravings satisfied!Ack, all these still doesn't help that 14 essays are waiting for me to be done. :S Man, I'm super whiny today :P Hopefully Music & Lyrics can cheer me up tomorrow night!


Shawn Tan said...

looks very good grace!! i want some!! hehehe!! maybe i should try to make some myself.. just need to get some starch..

Anonymous said...

one of these days im gona make you cook me dinner haha

Grace said...

haha, out of desperation when the food here is bland, all of the stuff you cook will be nice la :)