Sunday, February 25, 2007

Malaysia Nite 2007

The CUMaS Malaysia Nite 2007 is unique in its own way, capturing audiences with its minimalist approach :) Kudos to all who worked hard and trained to make it such a roaring success!

It was set as a play within a play, with minimal props (efficient!), heavy makeups (especially the Fairy Godmother), and a simple story depicting the difficulties and turmoil (& of course fun in the end) that one has to go through with the preparation of a Malaysia Nite show, which of course, most of us students can identify with.

You have it all in this play: Romeo and Juliet, sabotage, Indian dance, cat fights (swords and shoes too!), a damsel in distress, an evil 'witch', a dumb jock, cheesy scenes (& lines: You must be tired, because you've been running around in my mind ...), and death all entwined in the story with a twist. Big one. Perhaps it's the rojak of all these that makes up the Malaysian element ;)

The show is even better if you know the characters in person beforehand as this is a prerequisite to enjoy the play (and the spoofs) at a higher level. Nevertheless, it still has the ability of it to appeal to audiences from in and out of Cambridge.


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