Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Ahn Nyong Ha Se Yo!

Phew, this is pretty much a mad term...
just when you thought you finished some work, more comes in lightning speed
After a while you just get paranoid and say "IT'S COMING!"

Anyways, I want to divert from my part 2 of Rome trip postings and talk about Korean food!
Explored one of the new restaurants back home and found this jewel in Subang Jaya called Dae Jong Gum (not sure of the exact spelling, but it's named after the famous Korean series Jewel in the Palace or somethPublish Posting) in Taipan.

This is the set lunch my mom and I had. I had a bowl of potent Kimchi soup with rice, full with meat, seafood, tofu and spices... good stuff and would be perfect for a cold winter's day...
except that I was back home and was melting whilst having it, LOL

And here comes the HUGE array of side dishes, 10 of it, buffet style, as you can request for refill for as many times as you like.

As the restaurant was totally empty as we were the earliest patrons during lunch time, I was too shy to take my camera out to take the pictures. In the midst of it, the Korean lady owner popped by to say hi and thought I was a food reviewer, LOL (sounds like a good hobby). And gave us free complementary Kimchi pancake

Nope, I don't get commissioned here, but just felt that this was probably one of the first Korean restaurant in Msia that has decent standards and reasonable price :)

Bibimbap is another one of my favorites, yet I still prefer Japanese food overall somehow ...


Anonymous said...

hahah decent price means??hahahah

i tried the one in starhill..some japanese uncle spent me last was wonderful as well hahahah but incredibly expensive

yea japanese food still rocks..

itsu tabemashouka?

Grace said...

rainen ishnoni ikimasu!

Anonymous said...

tadashi desu!!haha