Friday, June 23, 2006

Bon Jovi Concert! and etc

Finally, a long awaited update!!!

Loads, or rather way TOO much had happened last week. Trying to balance fun, and the dreaded packing all in one go before going off to London for summer...

Let's backtrack a little here, back to MY Bon Jovi concert :P
Will let pictures do the talking :)

It was a blazing hot day and we were pretty much sun burnt that day, despite layers of sun block. Crowd was about 70K people apparently, and this was only one angle of the random shots I took to remind me of the crowd :

Bibi took a photo of all of us, while still waiting for Bon Jovi to play later in the late afternoon...
Finally, he came in style in a heli, captivating the audience with his charming smile, oh and of course his voice and dance antics LOL
Next up was Madrid for me, and it was a very artsy/cultural experience, visiting so many art galleries with artworks from Picasso, Goya etc. Did visit a Hyde Park sized park called Retiro Park and really enjoyed myself there! The food scene was especially good, and luckily (maybe?) for some of you, my camera was focused in taking pics of food, whilst Huili was responsible for other 'human' posing with scenery ones LOL. She has yet to send me the pics, so I shall be enticing you with some spanish food pics then!

What's Spain without the beloved Sangria? :P
It's basically a drink consisting of red wine and lemonade, some fruit juice. Slightly sweet, hence deceiving, this one was particularly potent too, but nice all the same :)

This is a tapas we ordered, spanish omelette, forgot the spanish name for it, (Yan Lin maybe u can help me out here?), typical omelette but with chopped potatoes, nothing special really, and it's cold .
Gazpancho, a really refreshing tomato based soup with minty cucumber and croutons, like it.
Forgot what we ordered again, really looks like typical British stew isn't it? But this was really good, like the ultimate comfort food, haha.
We tried everything possibly Spanish in the menu, and I introduced this to Yan Lin and Huili, which they totally love and I'm glad they share the same craze as I do with this dish with baby squids and blank ink! Yumz
Apologies for the bad lighting in this pics, it was already dark at that time. Will post up the 2nd episode of the Madrid trip soon, where we go more in depth into blank ink madness!


alvin said...

Grace's head is smaller than a glass!

ash said...

OMG he's right!

p.s. do send me some bon jovi pics when you get the chance

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