Wednesday, July 05, 2006

World Cup Detour

So its Italy VS France!!! Supporting France though Italy is a team hard to beat :)
Anyways sorry for the lack of update, the 2nd part of Madrid post will be up soon!
How's everyone doing, enjoying hols, catching up on sleep, travelling?


Anonymous said... also watched...oh yea its not so late in UK..haha yes so its france against italy..woohoo


ash said...

france? no way. must support ITALY! come on, there's no way those old french fogeys can beat the likes of cannavaro, totti, pirlo et al. we should go watch in London when i get back lol.

Grace said...

When are you back Ash? Gimme a call! Im in for France la sorry, my dear Zidane is way too cool for your Totti (though admitted he looked much better in short hair) and theres this Italian dude in the team who looks like a Jap with the long hair LOL.