Sunday, July 30, 2006


I love weekends! And usually try not to let work interfere with them, which usually results in hectic Friday nights and panda eyed Saturday mornings, free to charge the London hot spots. :) Last week was great, had a relaxing weekends, watched 'Cars', the new Pixar cartoon, its my favourite Pixar production so far. Went and watched Blood Brothers, the musical as well, and hence now humming the sound track all the way to work! It has a typical story about twin brothers separated at birth, but the nice sets and witty acting made it so good! Also after the movie, I was told that the lead actor was actually a member of Blue, the boy band! No wonder he looked so familiar! So thats celebrity watch for you :)

This week was relatively more relaxed. I've officially went to all 3 markets in London, so I'm a happy bunny. Portobello market is great for walking and its antiques market, also if you want to do some fresh food grocery. Borough market is much smaller and indoors, with lots of yummy local produce and home made burgers. Spitalfields market, which I went with Jo today, was great place for girls with lots of funky clothing, surprisingly the vendors were mostly Asians as well. A lot of nice deco items for your home too, food wise not as great as Borough, but so far its my favourite.

Ohh, so tired now, this is the way weekends should be, work free and max sleep/rest :P
One more month to go home, can't wait! But means summer hols ending soon too :S

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