Thursday, June 15, 2006

Football mania

Phew past few days had been a blast, with Bon Jovi concert and Madrid all in one go! :D Had to maximize play time since I'd be working soon. Will post on those events once I get the pics sorted out.

Meanwhile, football frenzy is still on, and here are the list of matches I hope I can watch:

18th June Japan Vs Croatia (3pm), France Vs Korea (9pm)
20th June Sweden Vs England (9pm)
21st June Portugal Vs Mexico (4pm), Netherlands Vs Argentina (9pm)
22nd June Italy Vs Czech (4pm), Japan Vs Brazil (9pm)

Not sure if the timing is correct, but can't wait! (provided I get my packing sorted :S) The highlighted teams are the ones I support in each specific game. Sorry, not much of an England fan :P Brazil is too strong anyways. Japan, Spain, France GO GO GO!!!

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Anonymous said...

welcome back..omg bon jovi concert..i wan i wan

haur after finish watchin england game