Thursday, June 08, 2006


Finally FINISHED!!! WOOOhooooooooooooooo!

But yea, I'm probably too tired to shout that out :) But feels that way inside. Exam was a killer especially the last paper..... (Maths)... I guess at the rate I complain about how dry Linear Algebra/Calculus/Stats were, they finally took their 'revenge'. I was basically clueless and would be lucky if I get half the marks. Should have drew a smiley face there as a sign of mercy or something. LOL. But anyways, enough bout boring stuff.

It's PARTY time!!! (well temporarily at least) Had a dozen different things I had to sort out right after exams, travelling plans, room, pack, etc etc. Oh and of course play :)

Can't believe 2nd year just breezed past again so quickly, slightly daunting at the thought of being a 3rd year next year, and no more fooling around as the degree finally counts this time. Ah well, I'm such a worry wart, ain't I?

Looking forward to the World Cup games, and staying here for a few months for summer. Haven't seen England all shining, bright and warm like these, it's always been linked to gloomy temperamental weather to me, since I'm always back for summer.

And I missed cooking too or messing about experimenting with foods. Here's what I had a week or 2 before the exams started.

Claypot chicken rice, with typical chinese style vege and gravy. So it's sort of mutated into a different dish, but nice all the same...
And this was what I had when I retaliated and had enough of cereal/toast for breakfast, guess? It's Thai Red chicken curry and vege, with rice noodles. Random concoction, but I felt like something spicy in the morning, and this was the end result :)

Ooooh, so tired, time to take a rest, and enjoy the sun!


Anonymous said...

hahah im either getting a wife that can cook like u, or making u....

teach her how to cook like dat aahahhaha

haur le

Grace said...

u're poor wife is just a chef for u then LOL

Anonymous said... no..she just have to know how to cook..she don't have to cook everyday..heck i will help out too..hahaha


irenev said...
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