Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Selwyn's Economist Dinner

It's probably one of my favourite events of the year, to be able to dress up and hang out with a bunch of (geeky, I hear you say?) economist of my college in a nice formal, with plenty of catching up to do. The highlight would probably be the annual photo taking session, with and without props, so every year you've to do a bit of a head cracking to think of cool props and poses for the informal photos (yes, even with the supervisors!). So, it's the only chance to be silly, which is fun, as we all probably forgot what it's like with the mad terms passing us by ...

Dinner, was as usual, posh, with the freedom to influence choice over menu in advance (hehe), we manage to get the best starter in Selwyn formals - deep fried camembert on a bed of salad. Fried till perfection, not oily/greasy, crispy on the outside, creamy in the inside ... MmmMmm

Main course was duck breast with a smooth and thick brown gravy, simple and nice, despite not being a big fan of duck meat. This was accompanied by julienned carrots, steamed broccoli and good ol' roasted potatoes. Good combination of colors eh?

Dessert was up next with chocolate profiteroles ... Sadly it's not one of my favorite desserts by Selwyn (what ever happened to the cheesecakes!?). It was soft and chewy, nothing exciting, but nevertheless this didn't matter as the company was great, conversations were geeky (think economist jokes o_O) and wine and of course Port was free flowing all night long ... Found out that Selwyn Port is actually from Portugal too! No wonder it's top quality stuff, and managed to build up a good rapport with Selwyn's ever-so-strict head waiter Mr Antonio, with a few of the Portuguese greetings that I still remembered from the previous Porto trip. He is the one who famously shooed people out in the formal with his "GET OUT, GET OUTs" after a rowdy formal night of birthday song singing and table banging.

And of course, this was my prop for the day, 2 different sort of soft toy flowers. And no, I'm not gonna show you my photo in that. Just a little hint, I made it into a hairband/head band, so the rest is up to your imagination :P

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