Monday, May 14, 2007

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Having been there twice since their branch opened in Cambridge, I think it's value for money especially IF you've the voucher. I'm never a fan of chained restaurants or establishments, but I think it's just that in Cambridge the restaurant scene could do with a bit more competition, and this was a welcomed addition :) A good challenge to the existing Asian noodle bar/Japanese restaurant here as well ...

Anyways, this is my version of their signature dish Ginger chicken Udon. Mine uses normal rather than pickled ginger, and 'mee suah' (fine wheat noodles with a smooth texture, used mainly in soup) instead of udon. Hence, in a way, it's really a Chinese version, rather than Japanese themed. Nevertheless, it was thumbs up! :D

All you need is ginger, chicken (I used breast meat here), spring onion and some shallots. I had some remaining shallots in oil which I lightly saute till crisp, then adding the chicken first, spring onions later to stir fry. Lastly, the boiled noodles were added, with a dash of light soy sauce and it's all done! Lightning 15 minutes from preparation till the end (washing up inclusive). I'm beginning to feel like I'm on Ready, Steady, Cook!

Hope everyone's happy revising and not in denial like me. It's exactly 2 weeks away and I've NEVER felt so clueless before my exam... doesn't look good, does it?

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Anonymous said... you know the meaning of the word wagamama(我がまま)?? actually means spoilt or selfish you know?usually refer to little brats..

but the food looks good!!!

-i think i dont need to write who am i also you know la but anyways its haur here-