Thursday, May 17, 2007

Chicken Porridge

Having bought a pack of 3-4 chicken breast meat, I foresee that it'll be a series of "Chicken dishes in 101 ways" LOL :P Well, probably in 3-4 ways in this case...

Hence, following up from the previous Wagamama inspired dish, Ginger Chicken Noodle (Udon), this is the 2nd recipe using chicken breast that I'd last night ... Cantonese style porridge with shredded chicken. It's really simple to make really, especially if you have a slow cooker (rice cooker will do too).

In a rice pot, put 1 cup of rice (depending on how many you are cooking for, this is for 1-2 person) with 7-8 cups of water. Add Chinese mushrooms, ginger slices (optional) and anything else you want really. But to stick to the authentic version, you can add a big chunk of unsliced chicken meat (breast meat is used here) to cook. It takes about an hour or you can boil it until you reach your desired consistency. You can add some chicken stock cubes as well for taste.

Make sure it doesn't burn though! Yes, porridge can actually get burnt and still looks normal (i.e white with a sticky consistency). You know you've made a blunder when you start smelling a burnt smell from your porridge. So remember to keep an eye on it and slow down the fire once it's boiling! For those who are using pressure cookers, I think it should not be a problem. For me, I have a smart rice cooker with a porridge function, hence it takes about an hour where it automatically keeps warm after that.

After it's all done, take the piece of meat out and flake/shred it with a fork. Scoop some porridge in a bowl, top it up with some chopped spring onions, shredded chicken and ginger slices with sesame oil, if desired. Simple and comforting on a rainy evening... I've also added loads of deep fried shallots for the extra 'oomph' :)

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