Tuesday, December 05, 2006

End of Term :)


That word just popped up in my head, dont ask me...

But term has finally ended (yesh!) and I've been 'lepak-ing' (there's just no exact word for this malay phrase, as we try to explain to S'poreans, it's a mixture of sien +wasting time+hang out :P) for a week or so, catching up with friends before they go home.

Going to Rome in a few days time, quite excited bout that since I haven't been to the land of pasta before. Expect lots of pictures for that trip! All up for freshly made pasta, gnocchi, and squidink's hehe

ANYWAYS, I've been doing some observations on British cuisine. There must be something that is prominently labelled as British food besides Fish and chips and sausage and mash.... It just struck me that this genre of food is commonly avaiable in one location and something that is incorporated only in British culture which is found no where else in Europe .... pub food!

An american friend came to visit recently and we took her out for Sunday roast as its something apparently very foreign to her. Decided to try a rustic looking, family owned pub along the river called Fort St. George, and it was worth the experience though perhaps it may be a bit pricey in Camb terms. But hey, paying for quality and quantity, so let's do it!

They have a friendly fireplace with logs and fire dancing merrily around it, just opposite the kitchen where you can place your order and have a selection of roast beef, roast lamb, chicken, turkey and pork for your Sunday feast. Not to mention the sides like potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, roast vege's like parsnips and carrots etc. Your huge pile of food is then finally drenched under an immense amount of delicious, thick and brown gravy ......HMmmm

There you go! Clockwise from the Yorkshire pudding, I had roast turkey (with cranberry jelly) and lamb (with mint!), potatoes, carrots, roast parsnips, red cabbage ... that's QUITE a load of food, but good nevertheless. Our guest thoroughly enjoyed her meal, nodding satisfyingly, perhaps impressed at what British food has really got to offer :)

So maybe British food has its plus points after all, especially as comfort food, in my opinion. Just have to look out for good ones out there, their stews, potatoes (of a kazillion versions), roasts are just some of the ones they're proud of :)

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