Thursday, December 07, 2006

Musical mania?

It had started in London while I was interning during the summer, and somehow slowed down during this busy term. I have so many on my list!

Especially The Producer, which I think is gonna stop soon?

Next up, my most wanted on the list would be Les Miserables, think they'll be having offers still till next term, so still not that pressed for time yet ...

Heard LOADS about how good 'Guys and Dolls' are too! So this is next in the wish list ...
And finally, one of the newest ones on stage, Wicked! Like the poster especially ...
Argh, too many to watch, too little time. Not to mention I have not seen Phantom anyways... :P Well, that classic will always be there for a long time, so better start focusing on the rest whilst the offers are still on!

What have you seen by the way?

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