Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Salmon Teriyaki


Is what you typically hear the MOMENT you step into a Japanese restaurant establishment or a sushi joint. Used to scare me (probably still, but not as much) where all of their workers just shout that phrase out to 'welcome' you to their shops.

Craving for Japanese food (unagi bento specifically), decided to have a project on Salmon Teriyaki Bento instead due to ingredient unavailability. It's quite easy and simple to do :D

First, get some salmon fillets (fresh or frozen is okay), dipp it in egg mixture and coat with some corn flour, pan fry them till bright golden, which probably take about 4 minutes per side on high fire. For the sauce, just mix a cup of mirin (a sweet Japanese cooking wine) with a cup of soy sauce (1-1 ratio), adding sugar to taste, heat till it boils and thickens. Then you're done!

I did some random vegetable stirfry to balance it up, and here's what we got! Remember the project with funky cup shaped rice? Well, I tried it with cocktail glasses this time and it's even better, hehe

Or altenatively, a Christmas holiday version.... with cauliflower and a piece of fried extra dough from the cornflour mixture (just for fun)...Well, its up to your (twisted) imagination really ;P

Anyways, hope everyone is enjoying their holidays~~
What shall I try to cook next?

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