Thursday, May 11, 2006


What you actually learn in economics ....

I saw this in a text book,

And the question was:

"How can I get someone to do something for me?"


I never knew economists were magicians, LOL
It's about the economics of incentives, how cool is that! Haha
Sounds like an interesting topic for a dissertation.

But how come economists don't 'rule' the world since they technically should have superior knowledge to 'get people to do something for them'?

All a bunch of waffle, :P, but still very interesting all the same :D


loner1200 said...

yeah. along the same lines, why don't geeks rule the world? we control just about everything, from computer geek with the web to other geeks with other communications and just about everything our societies need to work:p

Grace said...

this is beginning to sound like matrix a bit LOL

alvin said...

Geeks do rule the world. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs!

Anonymous said...

hahah smart ppl wont get their hands dirty...they let idiots do their job..

haur btw