Monday, May 22, 2006

Antics in the library ...

There are just so many things you could do in the library when you 're supposed to be studying, for example:

1) Pinch yourself on the cheek while trying to study Linear Algebra/Statistics, to stay awake

2) Promote the World Cup spirit by going for a one hour break playing table football, until your wrist and muscle hurt, good workout

3) Groove along to Bee Gee's "Night Fever", showcasing your best dance moves, when trying to activate the motion sensored lights in the library. It's either you've been sitting still concentrating too long (I wished), or staying still SLEEPING for too long.

Eeks, less than 2 weeks left till exams....


T said...

didn't expect a new post actually.. haha.. since when #3 happened? hrmm.... <10days for me... whee......?

Grace said...

#3 happens when u're working in the 1st floor

Anonymous said...

gambatte yo!!


ash said...

"night fever, night fever"

now i know what you really do in the library. good luck for exams yeah!