Monday, May 15, 2006

Chill out Sundays

Decided to have a change for breakfast and had sweet potato rice (?) instead. Had a yam rice craving, substituted sweet potato for yam as it's hard to find yam over here. Added a few non standard stuff which probably transformed it to a different dish all together, but still nice :) See the piece of egg at the bottom? Was having fun putting the rice in a mould and shaping it, keke (too 'free' on Sundays)

Gave up on Selwyn hall food, as I always seem to go when they serve the weirdest dishes (try Sambal burger), but dont blame them for being adventourous. :) So tried out a new recipe for dinner. It seems to me that teriyaki or some cream sauce is always the standard thing for salmon. This version iswith honey ginger sauce and stir fried spring greens.

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Anonymous said...

food food food...when u come bek u're making me dinner..