Monday, February 20, 2006


What a great weekend with all play and no work! hehe

Saturday was a sunny and warm day, hence I rebelled and did "Operation Spring Cleaning" to my room and tidied things up :) And then cycled to the University Botanical Gardens for a good walk to soak up the sun... Very theurapeutic day which reminds me how much I miss the countryside sometimes (college days with cows, sheeps and endless trees) and cycling. :D
At night, I went to watch Casanova with a few friends, and it was good if you want a romantic no brainer chick flick comedy! I think its a crossover between "A Knight's Tale" and "Pirates of the Carribean", so do watch it if you can. It features Heath Ledger (10 Things I Hate About You) and Sienna Miller in a medieval setting in Venice. Won't say anything more to avoid spoilers ;)

On another interesting note, I realized my blog had deviated from the food theme for quite a while. Hence, last Saturday I tried making Seafood Paella, with significant improvement this time! :D Managed to find the specific Paella rice and it made ALL the difference...

Yikes, noticed that my wooden spatula on the top left spoilt the picture LOL! Will post on Malaysian Night soon!

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alvin said...

Doesnt have Johnny Depp tho!
Johnny Depp!!!!!