Sunday, February 05, 2006

Crisis, crisis

Grace is in work crisis yet she hasn't done a thing today. Neither does she care because work is the last thing on her mind. She's annoyed that her gigantic phone (which also functions as a weapon of self defence) died and now her sim card is giving her problems.

That's it!

Hence she is going to buy new handphone and close the old one, even though the contract hasn't ended. Moral of the story, 3 Network SUCKS big time.

On a happier note, she has decided to buy the new Nokia 6111. What color do you think is nice?

Do click on the pictures individually as the pictures were resized and looks a bit distorted due to space constraint. She would appreciate some suggestions :D
OR Silver?


alvin said...

Look sthe same as the nokia 6280, doesnt it?

Grace said...

Yeah, slightly smaller, but after more research i discovered that the batt life is lousy. so i am now considering between 6280 and v3i. More keen on the former :)

ash said...

ooooo... nice phone.. that reminds me, im due for an upgrade.