Monday, November 28, 2005

End of Term :)


Don't know exactly why I said that, probably just because the term is finally coming to an end! =) I just flunked my French listening test, but strangely enough I just laughed and find it hillarious because I could just imagine how much fun and laughter the teacher will have when she reads her student's (or rather, specifically mine) answer. Goodness, French people do speak fast... and they said Malaysian's do that! My housemates once thought I was speaking my native language when I was speaking to my Malaysian friends in ENGLISH! Well, I guess its the same for everyone learning foreign languages.

This term certainly has been a crazy one, I'm finally done with my post as a Treasurer with the Malaysian society. Yet it has been good fun and craziness to the brink with us always doing things last minute and just challenging ourselves at a higher level. From the Malaysian Feast till Malaysian Night, it was more fun than work really, with so many hillarious moments shared together.

This is the committee member at work, battling with tons of garlic,minced meat and brocolli's. That's only some of the amount of food that was needed to feed 210 people!

And this is the Pandan sista's, didn't mommy tell you NOT to play with food? :P

Anyways I fiddled with my Photoshop and here I present you da A team. Truly. ;)

Top row: President Sui Seng with his classic smile, Sin Yi the superwoman secretary, Yi Jin our clown and webmaster, me the Treasurer, and Alvin a.k.a Sporty Spice (:P, I meant officer).

2nd row: Irene our creative Entz director, Mr Welfare Shen Han, Ash the 'spammer' publicity officer, Hasli our dear PG rep, and of course the next Nigella Lawson, Lay Ping.

I will miss our slacker meetings for sure, it's been amazing working with you guys! Anyways, let's toast to welcome the holidays!!!

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