Saturday, November 19, 2005


Yes and No.
Yes its Flower 4, and No its not the Taiwanese band from Meteor Garden (though I must admit I enjoyed Meteor Garden I).
Phew, finally back online after 1 week when my computer crashed.
This photo should explain everything.... :D

Everyone, meet 'F4' (from left to right):

Winter, Spring, Autumn, Summer! (darn, we should have stood according to seasons... :P)

Think it was my bizzare idea to dress up before the cold sets in, and so happen all of us have floral themed dresses for the 'Fantastic 5' birthday formal! The Newhall formal was organized by Ash and Rachel who both have their birthdays on 31st Oct, and since there was so many bdays within the next 10 days, 5 of us decided to celebrate it all in one go :)

Here are the 5 bday people: Ash, Rachel, me, David and Alvin. Amazing night, good food and enhanced my art of pennying, and most of all the great company :D. It was good to see everyone halfway through the term, it just amazes you when you realize how long you haven't seen someone since the term just whizzes by like the speed of light. Looking forward to the holidays now for sure...

Anyways, we had a posher version of bangers and mash for main course, its VENISON sausages! Haven't had them before, but was really nice with a stronger taste than ordinary sausages, would definitely go very well with paella. By the way have you all wondered what happens when you mix wine with sugar, spice and everything nice?

Yeap, my partnerS in crime (you know who you are!) seasoned Suresh's wine with a lil' salt, sugar and pepper before pennying it without him realizing LOL! But he said it wasn't TOO bad...

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