Sunday, December 04, 2005

Chill out

"What's your holiday plans like?" my housemates asked me.

"Oh, I'm going to ski in France for a week, spending Christmas in London, joining the mad boxing Day sales, ........*long pause*........ hmm other than that, nothing much, no concrete plans yet." I answered.

Note that doing 'nothing much' had been my plan for the past few days. It's just wonderful sitting around, tidying up your room, leisure reading, watching movies, going out, you name it, anything BUT work! :)

Loads have happened since, with Selwyn Snowball being the highlight, and basically hanging out with housemates before they go home for Christmas.

This picture is taken at the Snowball with Adam, Mike and Jo. It was hilarious since there was a false alarm for fire and we have to evacuate out to the lawn. Being Cambridge with their no-stepping-on-the-grass law (except for the Masters and Fellows), this was like the brilliant opportunity to set your foot (or rather, heels) on the nicely mowed lawn for once. The poor gardener will freak when he sees the artwork done by the high heels ploughing the ground the next day...

This was our mini Christmas party last night, opening Christmas crackers given to us by Claire. This is no ordinary cracker for sure, to zoom in to what I'm holding in my hand :

I never knew they had BAILEYS Christmas crackers! It's a nice surprise especially when it pops up once you pull the crackers, without breaking cause its in a plastic bottle. Someone had the random idea of it being made from glass and so you have to concentrate and catch your BAILEYS before it breaks once it falls to the ground... *smacks forehead*


偷閒加油站 said...

Baileys!!!alcohol!!!hah..i'm crazy:P

Grace said...

haha dont worry ;) u will start ur party soon i presume? u've been good whole term :P