Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Back in Cam

Woohoo, finally finished with most of the unpacking! Yup, I'm back in Cam as a final year student *shudders* This cooling autumn weather combined with the sun is great~

Its quite strange looking at the new bunch of freshers this year again, hits you that university years are really short! Well, unless you continue with a PhD ... No offence taken yea to those who did ;) Anyways, I could still passed off as a fresher whilst acting as the resident spy during the tea party, there's gotta be someone who does it, hehe

Ohh, I signed up to be a boatie this year too! Yesh, don't laugh. Foresee myself not even surviving for a week of it. But, yes, its just me like my Mission Impossible 5 target to attend all Cam formals (only 14 more to go!!!), I just HAD to sit the boat and row at least one stroke in Cam. :P

Looking forward to a new year, though it'd be great without the work, LOL... With a DoS who asks its students to do a personality test before the meeting, I've no clue what to expect next ...
Anyways, back to room decoration!

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all the best!!!!!!!!!!