Saturday, October 07, 2006

Autumn weekend

It's a lovely lovely Saturday, with the weather (for once) consistently sunny and breezy on the streets of Cam...

First week of lectures are still okay, having to get out of the clueless rut very soon :P All the societies' events are lined up, its pretty much meeting up old friends and making new ones again, with all the Fresher's Squash ahead ...

Going to town on a Saturday is also like madness, with cyclists hating pedestrians and vice versa, ice cream vendors everywhere whilst the weather's still pleasant and tourists aplenty ... Guess all these are the little things that create fond memories and make your day :)

Oh, forgot to mentioned that my beloved mini BMX style bike was stolen during summer, :~~(
Only had a picture of it with Hui Li when she came to came for a visit not too long ago ... Need to go search for another one soon, probably looking to try those town bikes now, with traditional big wheels and one metallic bell, and a nice basket, hehe

Anyways, time to enjoy the remaining weekend, hope everyone had a good Mid Autumn Festival Celebration!

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