Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Spring is here!

Well almost, except the rather chilly weather occasionally. But yeap, the sun is up, bright and shining, liftens up my mood and naturally its a happy happy day, since I finished my horror week of 4 supervision work! :D

Had a massive pancake buffet for lunch too, with last night's extra leftover batter, and my housemates and I basically tried the nicest combination for pancakes that I posted yesterday! First was caramelized banana with maple, then lemon with sugar, then cheese with salmon, then marmarlade (this was very wrong, no choice as we didn't have jam), then back to banana's and syrup again, before going for the ultimate banana nutella combo! So much for new year resolution LOL

Permanently on sugar high, I guess it's time to get down to be productive so that I can enjoy the weekend. :)

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