Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Cool Japanese Inventions

Be prepared for a good laugh!

Needed something to cheer me up today as I am feeling a bit lousy. Hence instead of doing work, I surfed and came across this interesting topic. I mean I have always been fascinated with the Japanese for their crazy inventions, like ramen noodle vending machines, smart toilets (where you can adjust the ideal temperature for warm seats and plays music while you're doing your business so it's less awkward) and even square watermelons. But seriously, these inventions are out of this world... Check it out!
Do you love singing and RED BOX (the karaoke entertainment chain) but just a bit shy coz you know you're not a Malaysian Idol material or Whitney Houston? Then the "Personal Karaoke" is for you!
This personal soundproof microphone lets you practice your (awful) singing without disturbing your family. It also comes with little earphones which lets you torture yourself by yourself. Just remember to brush your teeth before using it!
For the vain pots, here's introducing the "must have's" gadgets for beauty's sake. Who needs plastic surgeons when you have these:
No, it's not a ninja mask, but a FACE SLIMMER! Apparently having a slim face as a Japanese women is considered as a rare beauty feature. So that's why they made this Slimming Face Mask. The mask works by putting it over your face and letting contact pressure do it's job. It's also acts as a sauna for your face. That way you can "sweat the fat off" your face. WhoT? We should tell them that the Chinese believe that having a round face is a sign of happiness and prosperity! As for the one on the right, it's a Nose Stretcher! >_<''' A flat little nose is a common feature among Japanese women. But that all changed with this nose lengthening device. The thing works by stretching the cartilage in your nose to a desired size after wearing it for a few minutes a couple times a week. Pretty soon all Japanese women will have nice noses and slim faces, LoL
Okay, not all of the inventions are as random as those. I actually thought these were quite cool and useful, especially for a noodle lover like me.
Meet the Noodle Stove and Noodle Cooler. Just place your favorite cup of noodles over the single stove plate, and wait a couple of minutes and it's done! I think the Noodle Cooler on the right is more practical coz there's nothing worst than burning your mouth while eating some tasty noodles. Attach the Noodle Cooling Fan to your chopsticks and set the little fan to chill the noodles and save your breath from doing the job, common sense invention. *Thumbs up*
This is also another useful gadget for those tube/subway commuters out there. Being stuck in a cramped compartment like a sardine just makes you real sleepy during the rush hour. To make more efficient use of time, we all love to take a nap, but standing on a space constrained tube? Noooo problem, the Japanese said, coz we have the Nap Helmet!

Just put this baby on your head and pop the plunger onto the window as you dose off in Japanese dreamland. Maybe you can combine this with the face slimmer for a facial session in the subway and you probably look beautiful in time for work! But then, you'd probably look like a horrific alien/criminal in the subway with a RED helmet and a PURPLE mask...

Okay, I'm having a tummy ache now laughing too much. But really, I still respect the Japanese for their creativity no matter what. And yes, I'm feeling MUCH better now :)


alvin said...

I've actually personally seen some of those stuff for sale. Lol!

Grace said...

Wow really? I can't wait to witness it myself!

alvin said...

U can get the noodle fan and noodle warmer quite easily in Singapore, at the Heeren I think, or was it somewhere in Bugis Village? Can't remember where I last saw it. :P

ash said...

truly selwynites are waaaaay too free....

Anonymous said...

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