Monday, October 31, 2005

Monday Blues

It's the mid of 4th week already, and on a Monday morning, 30 minutes before lecture, here I am blogging bout the Monday blues.. :D
Just wondering if Monday blues still hit most of you all in university?
Hmm.. seems like my favorite days are Fridays and Saturdays, but by Saturday night the slight feeling of Monday blues starts too creep in. Is that early or what?
But does it really matter anyways? I just have 2 hours of lectures today, yet weekends I usually have to rush my work in for Mondays.
But if you refer back to my first statement, then why would I enjoy weekends more if I have to work longer hours?
NO, this does NOT imply I'm a nerd, LOL :) Maybe I just like the flexibility of time and perhaps the so called 'thrill'/'positive stress' that comes with my usual 'rushing-to-finish-that-essay' sessions.
Yikes, I'm late for lectures, that's the way to start a Monday! ;P

1 comment:

zonji said...

hihi...surprise to c me here?haha...haur told me bout ya blog..
monday,monday...i hate it too.i hv to wear formal on monday.sux man...luckily i having holidays now...yey yey...all the best yeah