Saturday, September 24, 2005

The D.D. Affair

Muahahah :P , isn't he cute? My all time favourite Disney character Donald Duck !

I went to Hong Kong for a visit and did a Disneyland trip as well to check out the hype. It's a tiny mini Disneyland really, and I wasn't really impressed with the rides, though it can be argued that I probably grew out of it, but I have to give credit to those who did the excellent landscaping for the AdventureLand especially. Leafy trees, lakes, and even a tree house for a Bali-like ambiance fits well with the occasional late afternoon breeze and chocolate ice cream :) Even the Space Mountain roller coaster ride, wasn't challenging or exciting enough for 13 year old teens as I overheard one of them saying so. Looks like for now it really is just a kids wonderland, but as its just at the baby stage, lets not be too critical and hope for more fun rides in future expansions!

Anyways, just mention HK's food scene and the word 'dim sum' will definitely appear in people's mind, and of course I didn't miss the chance to have my fair share of that! Being too engrossed in eating, I forgot to take pics of those, however here's another photo on the 'little eats' or 'xiao chi' (snacks/tidbits) in typical HK 'char chan teng's' (coffee shops):

Egg tarts, Po Loh Pau, Char Siew Pastry and Century egg pastry with lotus paste. YUMz!

It's my first taste of the authentic Po Loh pau of HK after watching it on TVB series for years, its basically a freshly baked bun with orange-y custard filling. Not bad but I still like others better like char siew pastry cause I'm a self confessed pastry addict though I know its not the healthiest thing around! LOL :) It's not often you get good pastries around too as some are just thick and tastes starchy, not like these crisp flaky ones I had. Looking forward to check out more Asian cuisine next time during my summer holidays... ;)

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