Saturday, March 08, 2008

Bento Boxes?

Call me odd, but there's just something about food being presented in tiny proportion in many dishes that I really enjoy, not just because of the variety (having a bit of everything), but presented delicately in little boxes/plates & bowls that somehow enhances the dining experience.

In particular, Japanese bento boxes. Yes, it may seem uncool as it feels like your lunch box in the olden school days, but they do make it a point to have a good color balance as you see below from a Chicken Teriyaki set I had a while ago. And yet somehow, I only get this feeling when having a bento set. Not from Chinese dim sum, Spanish tapas, or even the French way of food presentation. That's because in all those, the norm is that you share the dishes or take it as starters. But for bentos, all the variety in front of you is ALL FOR YOURSELF.

Yup, maybe I'm a greedy monster, maybe not, I don't know. It's the only difference I can observe thus far. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

hhahaha your bento not really bento HAHAHHAHA i miss the bentos that i had in japan sigh..especially the very famous ones that you have when you travel in trains called ekiben (eki + bento)


Grace said...

Oh yes, this is not a bento set for sure. But reminds me of one :) Hows things going for you?

Anonymous said...

great everythings going great hahahaha and the weather is turning very good as well..and im going home in a month's time heheh

what about you?