Friday, January 12, 2007

Oink Oink ....

The year of the Pig :)

The feeling of Chinese New Year (CNY) is already here, when you walk around the "pasar malam's" and "pasar pagi's", seeing everything piggy besides pork. LOL. And by that I mean things like big GOLD piggie banks, piggie calendars, piggie CNY greeting cards, piggie CNY decorative items, cute piggie statues etc, you know what I mean. Not to mention CNY biscuits and even 'yee sang' (yu sheng in mandirin, a type of raw fish salad served during CNY) are already on sale a month before the festive season ...

The Christmas hols have definitely done me good. It's much more relaxing being at home instead of the Camb 'bubble' so to speak. Some shopping theraphy during the past 1 month has definitely helped too, hehe. Dissertation is still in progress, slower that I would like it to be. But ah well, it'll be done in due time :P

Food updates will only resume when I get my comp back in uni. Pictures have been accumulating so to speak and therefore should be real busy once term starts! Oooohh, I can't wait for CNY to come, maybe I should get one of those CNY CD's with the classic corny songs and blast 'em in college, haha, should be quite an experience for my neighbours there :P

Hope to slot in some musicals before term gets mad as well, lots to look forward to :)

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